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(Past Projects)
(Past Projects)
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* PureData projects to generate MIDI streams from webcam images
* PureData projects to generate MIDI streams from webcam images
* USB firmware for CDC device on a PIC 18F MCU
* USB firmware for CDC device on a PIC 18F MCU
== In Progress ==
== In Progress ==

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I'm a career code monkey working in the travel industry. In my spare time I like making music/wierd noises and got into electronics a couple of years back, starting with a project off the amazing Musicfromouterspace web site, but quickly getting hooked on microcontroller programming.

I always have a ton of projects on the go, in various stages of assembly or still just sitting somewhere in my head. Main things I've been messing with are MIDI devices and controllers, synthesisers and noise boxes, tesla coils, "random" music and noise (using lava lamps, web cams, random numbers etc), laser projectors and "persistence of vision" type moving LED displays.

I've mainly played with PIC microcontrollers and also dabble with Arduino and mbed. I have some info on past projects on http://www.youtube.com/user/hotchk155?feature=mhum, http://hotchk155.blogspot.com/, http://hotchk155.kompoz.com (music projects)

Past Projects

Some of these are not quite complete, but hey-ho

  • Midi controllers based on stylophone, baked bean can, lava lamp, accelerometers, ribbon pot etc
  • Midi-driven, solenoid-actuated percussion and glockenspiel
  • Midi drive over old Atari POKEY soundchip
  • Software projects to make interesting visual MIDI sequencers using Novation Launchpad controller
  • 8x8x8 LED cube driven by Arduino
  • Rotary spark gap tesla coil with 1m streamers :)
  • Solid state tesla coil
  • PureData projects to generate MIDI streams from webcam images
  • USB firmware for CDC device on a PIC 18F MCU


In Progress

  • Homebrew laser projector hooked into MAME vector emulation code to play Atari Battlezone on my garden wall. Using mbed controller and ethernet data link from PC.
  • Modular synthesizer based around PCB from musicfromouterspace but planning to extend with lavalamp modulation, speech synthesizer, reverb effects and other goodies. Intention is to make a monster wierd noise maker that will continuously generate freaky morphing sound textures.
  • Standalone hardware version of Novation Launchpad software project, using FTDI VNC2 USB host chip and a PIC
  • glitchy lofi sample slicer
  • HDD drive slot clock
  • working out how to access FAT32 data on SD card from PIC MCU
  • three small solid state tesla coils audio modulated and driven by MIDI to create a "tesla organ"


  • Spinning POV globe with 64 RGB LEDs and displaying earth map image,
  • Small spinning "3D" POV display with 8 layers x 16 LEDs to try and give impression of 3D objects mysteriously floating in the air:)
  • Spinning a small OLED display around its axis and using a narrow viewing angle filter to try to give a 3D effect by displaying different POV image of an object at each angular increment
  • Playing a "defender" type game on spinning POV display (maybe using bluetooth to pass game commands but modulated air-cored transformer is a more exciting option)
  • Wierd sound maker based around piezo transducers and boingy springs, inspired by those good people at folktek
  • Midi controllers based around wii nunchuck
  • Building a XOXBOX (TB303 clone)... From a kit - ok it's cheating but it will look much nicer than my own effort ever could :)
  • Putting these two SID (Commodore 64) sound chips to use in a synth.. they cost enough!