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Welcome to BuildBrighton

BuildBrighton is Brighton's hackerspace - a collective of like minded people who love to build stuff with electronics. We meet at The Skiff from 7pm on Thursdays.

Group discussion

The best way to talk to the group is via the mailing list - email [1] - you will need to sign up first to post though, via the Google Groups page

There are usually a few of us hanging out in IRC on irc.freenode.net channel #BuildBrighton too.

You can follow our activities on Twitter at @buildbrighton


BuildBrighton is largely funded by a monthly subscription by its core members.

You can subscribe to BuildBrighton for £20 a month (concessions available), or pay a drop in fee of £5 each time you visit. More information about subscription can be found on our subscription page.

Your subscription fee entitles you to attend every one of our Thursday night hack events at The Skiff and also grants access to the BuildBrighton workshop 7 days a week.

BuildBrighton is a not-for-profit community and all your subscriptions will go towards paying for the space and providing equipment, amenities and assets for the group.

As a non-profit organisation, you can also donate to the group. This money will be spent on equipping the space with tools and machinery that will be useful and available to the group as a whole.

Screencast on editing the wiki

If you haven't edited a MediaWiki site before (this wiki is a MediaWiki site, just like Wikepedia) then watch Ian's short screencast that shows you how to login and edit the community page.

You may also want to read the MediaWiki Formatting page to get an idea of all the markup commands that are available.


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